20 February 2019

These are the good old days

2020’s just around the corner. Maybe in a new division, heading for a new home. But don’t wish this bit away.

14 January 2018

Ten years apart: Newcastle, Liverpool, you and me

Alright? Let’s not sugar coat it, lads. I’m writing today with the cold, callous fingertips of a fairweather Luton fan. Maybe the worst one.

3 May 2016

Farewell and the New Football

I genuinely love you, mate. Oi, don’t look down at your pint… I’m talking to you.

31 January 2016

The return of Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu

Where did it all go, the flowing football that defined Luton’s goodbye kiss to non-league football? The swagger. The goals. Was it really all down to Andre Gray? Were we that much of a one man team? Maybe. Or maybe, part of the answer at least, was just a week away...

12 January 2016

Modern Love: Power Court and Nathan Jones

Grab it with both hands before the new dawn fades. A new ground in the centre of Town, a new manager. No more looking back. New Year, new me, new you…

18 December 2015

Up the Junction

I never thought that it would happen, with us and the bloke from Newham
That night we won promotion, that night we ain't forgotten

9 December 2015

Pressure Drop

Rumour, intrigue and speculative boos from the spectacularly boozed. When you’re the manager of a fourth division football club called Luton Town, eventually the pressure’s gonna drop on you.

11 November 2015

Mark Tyler: Luton’s number one at 38

Before the season is out Luton Town’s Mark Tyler will turn 39 years of age. 21 years, or a Cameron McGeehan-and-a-bit ago, he made his senior debut. Picture the scene...

20 October 2015

There was no Stephen McNulty at the Checkatrade.com Stadium. Stephen McNulty was in Tranmere.

It's lost its novelty value hasn't it, walking for miles through unglamorous suburban woodland, via a concrete underpass to a football ground named after a corporate website?

7 October 2015

Turning one win into two

Pub pundits and Twitter Tactics Truckers united in confusion this week as John Still’s Luton Town returned from the road with nine league points in eight days.