19 December 2013

Spare a thought

At this most festive and reflective time of year, join me, fellow Hatters, in sparing a thought for those less fortunate.

Spare a thought for those Premier League managers who have lost their jobs, with only 7 figure settlement packages for Christmas comfort. A thought too for clubs and supporters, like that one in darkest Hertfordshire, in turmoil and set to face a yuletide of rudderless uncertainty as the managerial merry-go-round flails leaving casualties in its wake.

Yeah that’s right Spurs, West Brom and Watford, we feel all smug. AHAHA. Us! Down here in the queue outside the Football League food bank, sheltering from the long cold winter, ignoring the bustle of the wealthy shoppers with their shopper’s problems around us.

We’re all smug because it’s coming up to Christmas and we haven’t lost in the league since half of the Main Stand were dripping in shorts and ill-fitting polo shirts.

We’re feeling a bit smug alright. I can’t remember the last time the place grinned and, well, didn’t boo like this.

We scoff at the First World Problems of Premier League clubs in their pre-transfer window crisis, and the intricate workings of that peculiar Italian conglomerate down the road as they shuffle their hand from Udine to try and halt the decline of their little English “project”.

Because there’s no crisis before Christmas this year. Not for us.

This year in Bedfordshire all the online shopping will arrive on time, the family will be civil round the table and everyone’s getting drunk by the fire and singing Fairytale of New York to the ones they love till the New Year.

And we’ll tell you why. This year the ship has been steadied after a turbulent time for the Luton family. Our new father figure has stepped in and is keeping us all together. The kids seem to be thriving too, and may even pick up a Trophy along the way for their efforts. We’ve seen long lost relatives return for a nostalgic visit via the old Oak Road, and welcomed them with open arms.

And while it’s not befitting of the time of year to gloat at the misfortune of others, you might forgive us a wry smile as we tuck into our turkey with the whole family together again, grateful for what we’ve got and relishing the fight ahead.

Because we’re going to do it this year. That’s right; we’re going up as fucking champions. Sorry if it sounds a little optimistic for the middle of December, but it’s got to me, all this. The positive crowds, the young players coming through. No wintry games in hand to plough through in order to claw back a seemingly insurmountable lead.

All that lies ahead are beatable teams and modest football league dreams.

So while it all appears to be going well for a change, spare a thought my fellow Hatters...

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